Benefits of Pain Relief Patch

Posted by: | Posted on: March 29, 2020

Benefits of Pain Relief Patch. Aching rheumatic pain and pain throughout the body due to fatigue can be very annoying. Because you are not free to do some important activities because you have to massage a little part of your body that hurts.

Well, when you are not painstaking about it you switch to using a pain-relieving patch. One paste, then the patch can save you. Well, for those of you who are patchers, sometimes you may wonder, why can patches get rid of aching pains?

Benefits of Pain Relief Patch

Benefits of Pain Relief Patch

Inside the patch consists of various chemicals including Biofreeze and icy hot which have alcohol-based hot or cold properties. Then there are also Bengay and Aspercreme which contain salicylates that are useful for reducing joint inflammation.
Finally, there are Capzasin and Zostrix which contain capsaicin which, when rubbed into a painful body, can reduce pain.
All of these ingredients when combined will emit heat and send signals to the body to reduce pain. That is why a patch which is attached to the body is very useful to reduce aches, rheumatic pain, and tense muscles.

Benefits of Pain Relief Patch

Interestingly, there are many pain-relieving patches reviews that show benefits of the patch to relieve muscle pain because they are directly on target compared to taking pain relievers or aches.

Patch or transdermal patch is a “magic object” which is often chosen as the main therapy to overcome various complaints, one of which is pain or back pain.
Aside from being practical, and affordable, this object is also thought to be more effective in dealing with these complaints. Is that right?

You need to know, upper and lower back pain is the most common complaint in office workers. This is because sitting postures that are not done properly for some time make the muscles become stiff. As a result, complaints of back pain and aches can not be avoided anymore.

Be calm, you don’t need to worry. Back pain cases like that can be overcome using a patch, really!

See how the patch works

In general, patches contain two active ingredients, namely menthol and methyl salicylate. Both are derivatives of salicylic acid, which can provide analgesic or pain relief effects when applied to the skin.

The content of menthol and methyl salicylate in the patch will be absorbed slowly by the skin, and directly work on the muscles or joints underneath.
The active ingredient of menthol provides a cold sensation, so it can reduce pain. Whereas methyl salicylate has anti-inflammatory and anti-pain effects.

When first applied to the area of ​​pain, the patch will give a burning sensation and a little burning. These effects aim to give signals to the brain so that the perception of pain due to back pain is fooled. Shortly thereafter, the pain will decrease slowly. After all these processes are completed, menthol and methyl salicylate in the patch begins to enter the skin and work.

The benefits of pain relief patches are superior when viewed in terms of long-term side effects. This is because the process of absorption of active substances in the patch only through skin contact, not through the kidneys and liver such as drinking drugs. Therefore, patches can be the first choice of therapy for back pain or mild muscle pain in those who have chronic hypertension, diabetes mellitus or are allergic to drugs.

Well, now you already know how far the patch can help overcome complaints of back pain and muscle aches, right? Remember to use it wisely, so you don’t feel the negative effects.