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Hello I'm Chinenye I'm from Imo state, My husband is Dele, we have something Important  to share with You. Take your 5 Minutes to read this Page






Let Me Tell You If You're A Man, A guy, Husband, Bachelor or whatever you're


How Could You say You're Are rich , You're A Man, A good Husband, A lovely and cute Guy yet the country under it is as small as a small village in my state

There's nothing more shocking than when a man walk her Partner in and the time to have the fun , He brings out his Small Blokos to Dig The water out of Her honey well.


Unfortunately In Many Cases

90%  of women would not talk but rather cover it up with lot of excuses  like  buying stuff in the market; Of course You Know they're already in with Husband's closest Pal, Boss at office, gate keeper, even they go to the level of having it with their house boys


Some end up looking for Young guys to assist them do the Job, Just because of a Man 6 feet tall, but not up to 6 inch down there.


and To Make The matter worse  even as short as some men something is, They can't even use it To Dig  for some 15 to 30 minutes, but within 120 seconds, I mean 2 Minutes They're done. Leaving her in another sad Mood


So also was the Life situation of  My Husband Dele , The person You are about to read about


  " Dele"

His  case wasn't different,  Handsome looking young Man and A business Man to the core, we met in same church we attend here in Lagos

We Both started the Journey of  Loving  each other;  and eventually or luckily we Got Married



Unlucky for both of us especially ME, I never  had the feelings of His  small rod before marriage,

and as beautiful as I am, who also  hail from one of the beautiful cities in Imo


Dele's problem made my Life miserable and made Me enjoy a Zex lessmarriage for Good 6 years


A lot of researchers and Medical expert have tried to explain the cause of P.E since 1900

But Up till today millions still search for solutions,


we Both  searched every where to get the solution to The Problem of coming quick and To Add to  his matter "Under His boxers was something Very small and Tiny 


Now That we're Married

Hopefully  One day there would  be a miracle



Yes we Got It....

Not even in Church, Nor even in Mosque, Neither one Imam , nor Bishop,  not Babalowo performed any spiritual Miracle .


 Dele Himself have something to say, How His bitter kerewa story was  changed  and re wrote   ... Today He's Happier with Chineye his wife



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